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>> hi, fellas.
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>> wait till the boys back at the office hear about this, kelly. you must be leading a fat life to fall for a pair of shoes. >> you know tricky dick? >> know him? he almost flunked me in advanced blowing up suspension bridges. meet my instructor from indoctrination school. >> kelly robinson. >> you half-wit. you're gonna get yourself killed with those practical jokes someday. you know, when he pulled that on me in class one time, i like to shot my leg right off. scotty, meet russ conley. partner, meet my teacher. >> how you doing? >> well, what are you doing in hong kong? >> vacation. >> that's great. you picked the right place for it. we'll make him swing, will we not?
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>> yes. >> yes, we will. really a vacation, or...? >> well, there was a pretty rough assignment in hawaii. i got a little banged up. they asked me where i wanted to go for my vacation. i said hong kong. >> right. >> while i was at it, the pentagon said deliver this, which makes me a diplomatic pouch of a kind who could do with a small drink to make us a toast. >> well, we got some beer coming right up. excuse me. >> they talk about you in the department, scotty. >> yeah? what do they say? >> oh, good things. rhodes scholar, i hear. >> yeah. >> new assignment, kel? >> i don't know. i got to decode it.
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>> there was high school ball and then? >> and then at college, i was recruited. >> when was this? >> oh...4 years ago. there's a funny story behind that, too, because at college, i studied languages. it turned out that my professor of sanskrit was a recruiter for the department. >> you're kidding. >> no, no. what happened was one day i got an assignment which i thought was just something to translate for the following tuesday, but it turned out to be a sales pitch to join the department. and he made it sound so beautiful, too. listen. uh, "short days, short hours, and long pay, and a jim-dandy adventure." >> how do you say "jim dandy" in sanskrit? >> in a dead language? [knock on door]
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oh, good. here. [door closes] [speaks chinese] >> [speaking chinese] >> [speaking chinese] >> have a nice day, sir. >> have a nice day? >> now, then, how about that toast? >> what about it? >> what about what? >> new assignment, kel? >> oh, i suppose so, in a way. now, then, here is to old russ and to auld lang syne. >> i'm for that. >> right. >> we'll take a cup of kindness.
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>> indeed we will. >> to life. >> you drink up, and we'll show you old hong kong. oh, hey. >> mm. >> i'm sorry. >> it's ok, it's ok. it's ok. >> listen, you better wash that off with cold water in the bathroom, eh? you're gonna smell like a barfly. >> you a little edgy, kel? >> well, maybe a little. i was up for a tennis match today, and i haven't come down yet. [door closes] >> that guy really your instructor and all that? >> yeah. was. >> what are you gonna do about it? >> about what? >> you know what i'm talking about, robinson. >> i'll do what i'm told. (9
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>> it's something, isn't it? airstrip is built right out in the bay. >> kelly... >> yeah? >> what's the trouble? what's bothering you? >> nothing. well... lot of things coming back on me. >> like what things? >> seeing you, i guess, triggered it. >> what are you trying to say? >> what brought me to this job, what's gotten me through it... so far... "in espionage, we look upon the face of evil every day. we must all be on guard not to become corrupted..." >> " facing evil with a greater evil of our own."
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have you become corrupt, kelly? >> yeah, i guess i have. >> are you going to kill me? are you? i know what was in that letter i brought you. didn't take me long to find the code under the "6." can you do it? can you kill me? all you have to do is shove. about as much energy as punching a pack of cigarettes out of a machine. can you do it, kelly?
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>> that's all you can call it-- a sellout. i sold out to the other side. >> in the trade, it's called treason. >> they tortured me. i didn't have guts enough to bite on the cyanide capsule. and i try to live with it. >> yeah, well, most of what i know i learned from you, so i figure i owe you something. >> i'm not in a position to argue that. >> that's right. [foghorn blows] [cards being shuffled, dealt]
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>> how they knew about it, i'll never know. what they got from me was a little beauty, component for a miniaturized weapons control. i was delivering it to the man in honolulu. the department doesn't believe i gave it up because i cracked. they think i sold out. that's why they handed me the short straw. that's why... they want me dead anonymously 10,000 miles away. so why bother with questions and reasons and soul-searchings when all it needs is a death sentence in code to be executed by an old pal? >> russ? >> yeah? >> so far you haven't saved your life.
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if you're gonna do it, you'd better do it now. >> i can't do it alone. you've got to help me. >> how? >> if i get the piece back, i think the pentagon will commute my sentence. i'll still be out of the department, but at least i go out vertically. help me get that component back. >> how do we do that? >> [sighs] i've got a thing in my bag. [unzipping bag] try the pocket of the blue oxford.
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there's a trigger mechanism on the bottom left-hand corner. precise non-functional replica of the component they tore me apart for. >> ok. it's a dummy prototype, a phony. now, what's it good for? >> good enough to get the real one back. good enough to prove my innocence. good enough to save my life. help me.
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safe deposit box for all the tainted loot of the orient, front for every curtain there is from bamboo to silk to iron. central distributing point. and its cover? export of everything from stove polish to tractors. mostly legitimate. and somewhere inside there, the weapons component, waiting to be transshipped. >> how do you know? >> tell him, kel. >> tell him what? >> tell him about how i've been around. tell him about all the stoolies and betrayers i know. i bought the information. >> big building. >> we got to find a teeny, tiny component. >> needle in a haystack. >> hey, it's an awful lot of trouble. >> is it that difficult? a small precious object to be kept safe,
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which suggests a safe. >> or the possibility it's not there at all. >> i just said-- look, kelly, if what you say is true, then i've had it. me, not you. i knew what was in that letter, right? and still i delivered it to you. i could have run, but i came to you for help. i ask you again. help me. >> all right. (9
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>> voila. [woman continues in french] >> good morning. >> morning. >> more than good. it's wonderful just by your being there behind your wonderful counter. >> will you wait your turn, please? >> oh, i'm terribly sorry. please forgive me. go right ahead with whatever it is you were doing. >> alors, que vous vouliez? >> [indistinct] >> [speaks french] c'est pas. merci. a lundi.
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now, may i assist you, sir? >> oh, yes, my dear charming, charming child. >> there are people waiting with urgent matters. >> oh, none more urgent than my own, i assure you. these tennis racquets. >> i beg your pardon, sir? >> tennis racquets to be boxed or crated or whatever it is that you exotic people do when you ship things to an address that i will give you. >> we don't do that sort of thing, sir. >> what sort of thing don't you do, my dear? >> items of that sort. i suggest there are places where, for tourists, they wrap and package parcels. >> you are in the export business, miss. >> yes. >> well, then, this is not a parcel. these are tennis racquets, tools, tools of my trade. you do ship tools, do you not? >> yes, but we don't-- >> yes, and i am not a tourist, so you see, i've destroyed your entire objection. >> no, you haven't. >> yes, i have, i have, i have, totally, totally. >> i'll get you the address. >> what you will get me is the manager, my dear.
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>> that's not necessary. >> it is necessary. i'm sorry. manager? >> please. >> manager! >> please. >> i'm sorry, my dear. manager! >> please. >> manager! well, what are you-- please, my dear, don't stand there like that. get the manager for me. >> i'm the manager. what do you want? >> yes. uh, well, sir, i'm sorry to be shouting in your store, but by the same token, i must protest. >> what do you want? >> uh, well, it's about these tennis racquets, sir. >> and? >> uh, yes, well, actually, since you advertise yourselves as shippers and exporters, i-i demand, sir-- >> demand? >> uh, well...well, perhaps, actually the word "demand" is not exactly, well, what i had in mind. >> [grunts] >> i can see it would be the word "implore" or "entreat" would be more in line. mention a sum, sir, if you will. any sum that seems fair to you, bearing in mind, of course, at all times, that i expect an expert job of packing to ensure these implements reaching their destination--
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[firecrackers popping] [people screaming] >> aah! aah! [pop!] >> isn't that an incredible thing?
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i can't tell you how-- really, it was stupid of me. i--they were fireworks for my nephew. it's his birthday. but, uh, he's the son of my sister, and they're visiting here, and i figured, well, what more natural gift than some of the extraordinary little things that you extraordinary people are so extraordinary with. and i will be delighted, sir, to pay any damages that you wish to, uh, send me the bill-- i-i'm-i'm staying at the, uh, at the, uh... >> get out! >> ...small moon hotel, and if you would send me... i'd be happy to... i'm going, sir. >> hey, you case it? >> yeah. >> and? >> it's there, all right. i know where it is. i guess the least we can do is get it back. >> yeah.
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>> this wall backs the room where the safe is. outside wall's on the alley. it's about 20 yards up the street. steel plate shutters. what do you think, scotty? >> couple blobs of plastic on the hinges. >> well, the safe is your baby, russ. you still good at that? >> i soak my fingers in hot oil every night right after i brush my teeth. i could feel your pulse through concrete. >> that's a man of many talents. >> everything i know-- safe-wise, that is-- i learned from a virtuoso at alcatraz. there was a teacher, kel. >> he's as good as they come. you better believe it. >> well, you say it, i believe it. >> [sighs] all right. tomorrow morning, then,
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we go to work. >> that's a long fall. >> it can happen. man makes a mistake, wrong move. yeah, it's a long fall, russ.
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>> i'll let you get him away. >> right.
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>> and i'm charmed, positively charmed that you remember me. i'm flattered.
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>> you are not easily forgotten, sir. >> oh, there you go laying it on me. you people, to put up with such a fool as me. oh, no, no. no. don't try to deny it now. what could be more idiotic than for me to walk in here with a box of firecrackers and-- >> it was stupid, sir. >> there. you see? who but a member of a race of such infinite grace and politeness would refrain from calling me a nitwit and a baboon right to my very face? [chuckles] how do you do that? you don't have to answer, really, because it's just that centuries of culture. staggers the imagination.

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